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Our approach
Why would you meet one of our coaches?
Nowadays managers face many challenges and demands, calling for multiple aptitudes or behaviours we may not have.
We provide personalised guidance for people wishing to lift their performance to a new level, through two dimensions: personal performance and personal growth.
The one-to-one relationship between the coach and the coachee creates a unique framework for personal development. Our approach is to identify first your issues and priorities (co-defined objectives) before formulating and applying co-elaborated solutions.
Setting up a climate of mutual trust, along with some kind of intimacy and confidentiality, enables us to identify and positively challenge your comfort zone.
Because we strongly believe that “self-awareness is the pre-requisite for self-confidence”, we consider that capitalizing on your strengths is a sine qua non condition for paving the way to new abilities and behaviours: resilience, stress control, decision-making ability, and capacities to solve conflicts…
Coaching for you
Who can say he never needed to get boosted or/and supported?
If you are questioning yourself about your career, your next professional steps, we can help you getting a clearer picture of your future.
After refining your personal Vision and Mission and defining your core competencies and abilities, we will help you to make them match with your ambitions to explore new opportunities and reinvent your career plan; you will get new insights about yourself.
We will be stand by your side and accompany you in this change process, we will help you to adapt and initiate, to demonstrate new attitudes and to discover new possibilities.
If you are looking for concrete solutions to be more comfortable and confident in your daily life, we have the solution.
Our coaching will make you more resilient, capable to handle stress as well as give you the keys to face every critical situation, from making and announcing decision to handling conflicts….we will combine our expertise and your abilities to discover appropriate solutions, the ones that will work for you, because they will be the ones we will find together.
Coaching for your direct report
How we can help you to help the others
You have just promoted someone to a management position and you want to offer him a concrete tool-box to succeed? You want to help one of your middle managers to better face his daily challenges by reinforcing his existing skills? You want to secure your succession?
We can help you and your direct report to address successfully all those challenges through a structured coaching process, starting with “Securing alignment on goals and expectations” involving all the stakeholders, going on with monthly “face to face coaching sessions” with concrete outputs and ending up in a “final meeting” to share learnings and findings and agree on an action plan for the future.