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Inner Action & the Mantu Group
We are an international consulting, training and coaching firm based in Switzerland and operating in more than 40 countries. With a focus on organizational and people performance, we provide cutting edge services, techniques and tools in many areas: general management, human capital management, business processes, sales…Our value proposal is to support our clients building and optimizing their organization as well as their human resources capabilities. Our expertise in human capital management is our strong distinct advantage, as it enables us to address issues through a high added value prism.
The Mantu Group
We have strong ties with the Mantu Group, our mother company. Mantu is a Technology & Management consulting Group which provides high quality consulting services to all industry sectors. It accompanies firms and organizations in their effort to create value, develop new products or services and improve their processes. Our complementary activities enable us to create synergies and bring more value to our customers.