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Once your Vision is clearly defined, according to you for how much does the behaviour of your employees count in its implementation and in its success?
If you say “a lot”, then when was the last time you really invested on securing the proper behaviour?
We believe that everything starts and ends with people.
Human capital is the greatest asset of organizations: competences, knowledge, know-how and talent are at the heart of any competitive advantage, keeping in mind that technical expertise has never been enough to succeed.
The real challenge has always been to improve both individual and collective performance to generate concrete synergies and sustainable results.
We are convinced that working on individuals’ “behaviour” is the right way to address the challenge. We focus on enhancing self-efficacy to affect positively collective performance and work on securing the desired individual behaviour to succeed in each day-to-day situation.
Doing this, we ensure the proper and appropriate level of interaction among individuals to succeed within the organization.
What’s make us different and how can you benefit from our approach?
Beyond merely “training” employees, our approach is to work in-depth on practices and behaviours. We truly think that man can only improve himself if he is aware of his current state.
That’s why whether we work on Sales Effectiveness or on Management Fundamentals we consider as a required first step, to make our participants fully aware of their current behaviour and its impact upon the desired result.
In our training sessions, participants are fully involved through numerous interactions and varied methods: role play, individual and collective debriefing, personalized feedback, positive confrontation, action plans for the future …
According to us, only this approach can secure a concrete Return on Investment by triggering very quickly some observable and demonstrable changes.
We provide our clients with the most suitable solutions, from standard courses to tailored programs, with the same objective: optimize this work collective.
What does it take to be a Manager today?
Within organizations, many issues and systemic problems turn out when management does not rise to the challenge.
Watching and structuring team work can no longer be the primary role of a manager: it has to be above all the art of motivate and animate teams.
Hyper operativity, that is to say the inclination to focus only on operational aspects and technical competencies, results from a misappropriation of the essence of management.
How can our training help you?
Our approach is to make managers reappropriate the true sense of management, develop a permanent consideration for human factors, and acquire best practices.
For us Management is about understanding what’s behind attitudes and behaviours, about adapting our communication to succeed in each face to face situation and team meeting, about “using” individuals talent and make your people cooperate effectively.
In a nutshell, Management is about being able to lead a team by finding our own balance between a directive and a participative style in each situation.
In our training you will discover or re-discover concrete and proven tools, techniques and approaches to deal with each critical situation, from motivating people in delegation to handling conflicts.
We offer multi-level courses: management fundamentals, advanced programs for experienced managers, programs for top executives, transversal / project management courses.
Performance & Sales Effectiveness
How often does your Sales Force reach its target?
Performance is a key topic for sales professionals. They are constantly focused on achieving the greatest levels of performance, which boundaries are endlessly evolving.
To address that crucial issue, we consider two fundamental notions: sales effectiveness and sales efficiency.
Sales effectiveness focuses on the sales process, the ability to create value, to win opportunities and maximize our contribution to the customers. Sales efficiency, in a slightly different perspective, focuses on time (speed) and resources.
Through our sales training initiatives, we have our participants question themselves about their capacities to be both effective and efficient within their given ecosystem. Once the picture is drawn, we train them on best practices and useful techniques.
Multiple courses are available: sales fundamentals, Key Account Management essentials, negotiation techniques…
We offer our clients a portfolio of specific courses which aim at reinforcing their employees’ management capabilities, human skills, sensibility to cultural diversity…among them are the following:
  • Team building & team synergies
  • From time management to self-management
  • Change management
  • Recruitment techniques
  • Dealing with conflict: consensus, mediation & arbitration
  • Intercultural management challenges
  • Talent management
Tailor made solutions
You have a specific issue to tackle, a critical challenge to address or a complex situation to face: let’s start building your own program!
Bringing greater added value to our clients is our motto: that is why we offer our clients tailored programs, specifically designed for their organizations.
We customize our learning programs to fit the context, culture and needs of a company. Our experts, inspired by a strong business oriented mind-set, collaborate with our client teams to build these custom-made courses. Besides, we enable our clients to focus on the quality of the programs insofar as we take care of organization and logistics.